Kids Craft Projects To Be Proud Of

Our gallery of kids craft projects are a real koooool collection. We appreciate all the hard work put into the pictures, paper masks, and mobiles that we want to make this page our official KoolKidsCrafts Photo Show.

So here they are with the latest to the oldest. Click the pictures to enlarge them!

turkey made from greetings cards
greetings card turkey decoration
recycled greetings cards turkey wall decoration
turkey made from recycled cards

November 08 2013 - Creative and Recycled Thanksgiving Crafts
By: Shannon Galvin, Simi Valley, CA, US

  • Turkey 1: This turkey was made from a cereal box and magazines. All the feathers were cut from the pages of one magazine. Body and feet were cut from the cardboard of a cereal box.
  • Turkey 2: Turkey craft made from recycled greeting cards and the box from a 12 pack of soda. Also used leaves collected by my little artists.
  • Turkey 3: Collected leaves outside and used as feathers for this adorable turkey.
  • Turkey 4: This turkey was using decorative cupcake toothpicks and a foam head. Quick and easy and good way to recycle the Halloween pumpkins.

How very creative Shannon! The birds are bright and cheerful and I like the idea of using old cards. That gives me an idea of what to use mine for. I still have my wedding cards so I will be thinking how I can use them to make something wonderful to give to my hubby next anniversary. It`s a shame you didn`t send these in last month before the 14th. Thank you for your post!

October 29 2013
By: Bethuel L. Fresnido,
Calbayog City,Samar, Philippines

Bethuel said, "I made this collage with the use of pastel, crayons, pencil and pen.

Thank you for letting me join on your site and post my artwork. I enjoy drawing and making abstracts especially animals and nature. It is one way of expressing my appreciation for Jehovah's creation. Thank you and good day."

State of the Philippine Environment

Kids drawing of the state of the Philipine environment

That`s a lovely expression, and well done Bethuel! I like how you have the Philippine map as the focal point of your drawing and then filled the white space with sketches of bad environmental management.

Using 4 drawing medias is quite interesting and fresh.

Bird Mobile by Claire October 29 2013

Claire sent this delightful bird mobile as a gift all the way from Kalispel, Montana. USA.

I love it and it goes well with my blinds in the craft room. Thank you!

Bird Mobile closeup
Bird Mobile 2
Bird Mobile

Castle Battlements

Never throw packaging away until you`ve thought how you could use it for kids craft projects.

Look at what the KKC crew came up with when they decided to go back to Medieval times.

You could almost picture yourself there clad in armor, weary after the battle!

October 11 2013

window of a kids paper mache castle
kids paper mache castle with archers target
kids paper mache castle

September 07, 2013

A Fishy Goodnight Mobile Flight


What a fantastic flying fish mobile Claire! It looks great hanging there in your room. It must be like sleeping in a fish tank dreaming your swimming about with a bunch of deep sea friends. Blub blub!

I admire the way you have used different colors and sizes of paper and balanced it perfectly. Making this 2 tier mobile was a big task but you mastered it. I love paper too, and love it even more when it is in motion with moving air, be it a mobile, pinwheel, or kite.

I am happy that you like our kids crafts projects here on Kool Kids Crafts. Did you know that most of them are our own brainwave ideas? We`re looking forward to seeing more of your crafty work. Keep it up!


My Wintertime Picture by Adam (London)

Winter Wind and Snow. I thought about winter and how the leaves blow about and wanted to make my picture full of action. I also put in a little color but not much because the snow makes everything white.

I like winter because I can play with friends making snowballs and a snowman in the snow. The leaves fall from the trees in winter and I get to wear my warm gloves because it`s cold. When it`s winter and it`s really cold, in school I get to do P.E indoors.

Gem: P.E. stands for Physical Exercise.

December 18, 2012 Work of Art

Adam your picture is very interesting! I like how you have drawn the motion of wind and the leaves swirling at the bottom. Even the clouds look as if they are moving along.

Well done! A super little Spirograph ruler is on its way to your door or your efforts to join in our Winter kids craft projects!


Winter Chalk Scene

by KKC crew member Iain Wedderburn (Raynes Park, London)

My picture is made of cotton, wool colored card and chalk.

First I made a fir tree then a house, then a small tree, and made snow with cotton wool. I thought of it because winter is a fun holday and it`s fun throwing snow balls and making snow angels and it was a night scene.

Kool kids crafts are fun because it has lots of activities.

Amazing Winter Craft

by KKC crew member James Wedderburn (Raynes Park, London)

My name is James Wedderburn. My picture is made from black card, cotton wool, colored paper, and chalk.

First, I cut shapes from colored paper and stuck 1 piece for the house and another piece for the roof. It was in the night. I am pleased with my picture, yes! I love winter and making a snowman. It was a great winter!

December 02, 2012 Snow Pictures

Iain and James. Your pictures are lovely.

I like how you have used your imagination to make your picture a snowy night scene. The cotton wool gives it a nice soft look, just like you get when real snow falls. I also like the warm welcoming light coming from the windows of the houses.

You have earned yourselves 2 Spirograph rulers. Have fun! We look forward to lots more kids craft projects from the KKC crew here.


Rumble In The Jungle by Rainé (Coulsdon)

My son has a school project. He's currently learning about animals in the juggle. He worked really hard putting this together sticking and painting all through the day.

Hello Rainé

This is one super lion mask! You would make a great KKC crew member. I am impressed and I think I speak for all the visitors who will see it on this page. Well done!

Let your friends know about your page here and your teacher too! I will be posting a Spirograph ruler for you!

Here are all your friends and family`s comments. They love it!

Jamesina Goulbourne Gem: Author

Comments From Rainé `s Friends

Roary the Lion by: Viv

Hey Raine, I hoped that you got full marks at school for this mask it is a fabulous effort. You should be very proud of your work. Great job. xx

Well done by: Aunty Karol

Beautiful mask, just like you !!!

Great work Lil lion by: nova Anonymous

well done Raine thats a fantastic lion mask :)

W0W! by: Anonymous

How cool are you Rainé. I wouldn't be surprised if it was mistaken for a real lion. Fabulous, keep up the hard work.

Well done cuz by: Runtings

Excellent work Raine very creative cuz

You are gifted by: Aunty Judith

Your creative skills and ability will create opportunities for you. Watch and see!!!!

Fabulous! by: Natasha

Wow wee Raine, what a clever boy you are ... I love your mask. A "roaring" well done. Lots of love from Tash and Alan xxxxx

Sooooo... AMAZING!!!!!!!!! by: Amina

Hi Raine, I am really impressed with your project. Its creative and imaginative, you should be very proud little man. Hugs and Kisses. X

Raaaaaaaggghhh by: Kevin the lion

Hi raine, what a great mask you have made. I hope when you have time you can make me one so I can be a lion too! The thing is my head is soooo big you may need to make mine an elephant mask!!

Roaring effort by: Raphael

Raine..This is a super fantastic work!! Indeed a genius in the making! I predict that it could be nominated for an award in your school!! Can't wait to see more of your work!! Shalom!

King of the Jungle by: Kevin's Dad

Well done Raine it would look very good on the stage of The Lion King'. xxx

Wowzers!! by: Amrita

Rainé! I'm so impressed with your lovely lion :-) It would be great if you could bring it to French Club one week - or even just a photo of it so the others can see how creative you have been! Well done xx

In the jungle by: Deborah

Great work Raine im so proud xxx Bless you

Super pics by: DB...

Fantastic Raine very creative

FANTASTC!!!!!!!! by: Anonymous

Hi Raine!! Move over Rolph Harris!!!! I love your mask, really cool. Auntie Leonie.xx

Well Done by: Sunny

Great job Raine! Tell mummy to bring the mask in for her colleagues at work!