Our Mouse Crafts
with Some Ratty Critters

Finding materials to make a mouse was fun. In fact, for our mouse crafts we will create all different kinds of this cheeky critter.

Mouse crafts From Egg Boxes

Depending on what part of the world you live the egg boxes tend to differ. The ones from our local shops are ideal for the first ever KKC style egg box mouse.

mouse crafted from egg boxes and cardboard tube
crafted blue mouse made from egg box
mice crafted from an egg box

If you can`t find the same type, try and make the head from a rolled paper cone with the ears stuck on.

Collect together all the following items to make it.

1 egg box
i toilet roll cardboard tube
1 craft pipe cleaner
2 googly eyes
A small piece of felt
A length of wool or string
Small piece cut from a white paper plate or paper
PVA glue
2 colors of poster paint 1 dark, 1 light

inside parts of an egg box to make a mouse
half an egg box to make mouse ears
egg box mouse nose and ears

Cut out the head with the ears attached from the egg box. (See the marked line in the illustration)

Choose the lighter colored paint and completely cover the head back and front and the toilet roll tube. Leave it to dry, or borrow your mum`s hair dryer and blow it dry for quickness. Give it a second coat if necessary.

Once it`s dry, take the darker paint and paint the inside of the ears and the tip of the mouse`s nose. While this is drying you can work on the body.

First make the legs and feet. To do this cut the felt into 2 lengths, long enough for 2 pair of legs. See illustration.

parts for a egg box mouse
making a toilet roll into a mouse

Cut out feet with 3 toes at each end of the lengths and then apply glue along their centers and stick to the underside or belly of mouse`s body.

PS. In the picture I have already attached the head but don`t do this just yet.

Make a tail by sticking the piece of wool or string inside the end of the tube at the top. Leave the pieces to dry near a radiator while you work on the head again.

Fix the googly eyes in place and punch a hole on both side at the end of the nose. Cut the pipe cleaner into 3 even pieces to slot them through the 2 holes and create the whiskers.

making a pink egg box mouse
making egg box mouse teeth

To make 2 front teeth, cut 2 indents off the embossed edge of a paper plate which look great as teeth. To separate them cut along the line but not completely, just enough to separate them.

Then fold forward the end and glue just inside the bottom edge of the head

If you don`t have any, just cut a small rectangle from white card or paper and cut it lengthwise, almost in two to form 2 teeth.

paper mice teeth

The mouse is almost finished. Paste the top half on the front edge of the tube with a good helping of glue and stick the head just over the edge.

making mouse whiskers

The cardboard tube is much bigger than the head so the head won`t fit over it, but that is just fine because it makes the mouse look like it`s smiling and ready to nibble whatever it can feed its eyes on. Leave it to thoroughly dry and then slot him over a small bowl of empty nut shells.

mouse whiskers made out of pipe cleaners

Did you know egg boxes are actually made from paper mache? Sometimes fruits are packed in this material too or in polystyrene. It doesn`t matter which, because there`s a hidden mouse shape you can use to make this funny little critter. This is our next mouse crafts project, and it`s one suited more for the boys!

Pink egg box mouse
blue egg box mouse

We have cute mouse craft critters and gruesome rats as well  but we love making them all. Try this KKC paper mache rat made from a pear carton if you can find one.

pear carton rat

Pierce a hole in the fat end once you cut out the shape. Tie several knots at the end of a piece of Scoubidou or just a length plain wool or string will do and thread it from the inside out to make a tail. With a darning needle, thread some twine through the nose 3 times to make the whiskers.

pieces of a pear carton
make a rat or mouse tail
make rat or mouse whiskers
make rat or mouse eyes
using beads for mouse and rat eyes

I used a large bead for the nose, 2 pink sequins for the eyes, and pistachio shells for the  ears. I always save stuff like that. They are great for crafts. Use a glue gun to attach them.

Last of all, cut little pink felt feet and stick the ends to the inside and your rat is ready to place on the stairs ready to give mum a fright!

finished pear carton rat

Make this cute giraffe made from straws and a cardboard tube to add to your animal crafts.

Jamesina Goulbourne Gem: Author