Decorative Love Hearts

This is our love hearts gallery where you will get some inspiration to create your own.

They are made from recycled paper with added PVA glue. That means less trees are cut down and more waste paper is recycled rather than buried in land fills.

To get the recipe and know how to make paper mache click here...

I made some from white and brown paper mache and formed them in plastic molds.

The polythene lining is there to stop it from sticking to the mold during the drying period.

Once I had enough, I placed them in a basket and then popped them into the airing cupboard.

You can place them in any area that is airy and warm to dry them out.  They only take about 24 hours to dry.

To make a full heart stick 2 sides together with a ribbon glued to the inside first.

This picture is showing one made with mostly white scrap paper. 

When the glue dries, sand it over and decorate how you like.

Wedding Gallery

This gallery displays Wedding love hearts, but they can be given for any occasion you like. All my creations come with a mini tag card with space for a message. You can make your card blank, with a love quote, or with some relevant text from a holy book.

Click on the images to enlarge them!

We have found that people prefer the natural finish of both brown and white. The white ones look like light grey stone and have a soft feel once rubbed down with a sand block. 

 The brown kind are not sanded. They look like cork which shows off the red and green ribbons and embellishments.

Brown Gallery

The brown are warm and appealing. These are mostly decorated with warm reds and oranges, and darker greens, although I have used yellow and blue occasionally. The reverse side on all my hearts have a little decoration with the words, "With Love".

Friendship Paper Mache Hearts

This gallery shows you white love hearts with all different color themes. You can give them as a token to bond friendships, or if someone has just moved into a new home, a "Home is Where The Heart is" message would say it all. They are lovely gifts to give at baptisms with heart-themed sentiments from the bible. If you are making your own, why not add some scent to give it a nice fragrance?

In this picture the heart is decorated using another kind of paper craft. Decoupage!

I you want to see how to do it go to my decorative love hearts page.

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