Make Rag Doll Bloomers
for Eleanor

To make rag doll bloomers for Eleanor you only need a small piece of thin cotton or polyester.

Download the rag doll pattern 1 & pattern 2 to use as a template if you have not already made Eleanor. Note that the red stitches in the photos indicate where to stitch.

This kid`s sewing project takes only 15 to 30 minutes to do.


1 Length of fabric 26cm x 11cm
1 Piece of elastic 16 cm


Sewing machine or (hand sew)
Body pattern


Fold the fabric lengthwise and place the lower half of the body pattern piece over it.

Cut double the width of the pattern and don`t forget to add a seam allowance. Copy what you see in the picture. If unsure, follow the measurements in the materials list.

Open up your fabric and fold it over so the short sides are together. Pin and then sew a seam. You should have a tube now. Turn the seam around so it`s in the middle of the tube and press it open.

Click on each picture for a closer look at the details.

The next stage to make your rag doll bloomers is to fold the bottom edge of the tube up to meet the top edge. The raw seam should now be enclosed and still in the middle. This will be the back of the bloomers.

Turn in and press both the inner and outer raw edges around the top to the inside facing each other and pin the layers together, then top stitch.  Top stitch the bottom folded edges together in the middle to form a crotch.

Turn the whole garment out and pin a piece of elastic about 3/4 the size of the waist around the inside edge.  Because the elastic is smaller than the waist, you will have to stretch it as you stitch. Now you know how to make rag doll bloomers.

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Download a 1 sheet pattern to make rag doll bloomers including the pieces for her whole outfit.

Jamesina Goulbourne Gem: Author

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