This Origami Frog Jumps!

Making him is simple! Use green paper for your origami frog or if you want to make him exotic, use your imagination.

Access free printables to download here.

Children will not find this activity difficult and especially when they know once finished they can race them with their friends and classmates. But please give assistance to younger ones when folding as this can take a few attempts to get right.

The Needed Materials

Origami Paper
Two paper discs made with a hole punch
PVA glue
Felt-tip pen
A piece of string

Use a fairly large piece of paper for your origami frog. This is halved and can make 2 frogs. (1)

Now to make some folds. Turn your paper, colored side down and take one or the top corners and fold it diagonally to meet the opposite edge. The color is now showing. Crease it and open it up again. Now do the same with the other top corner. The creases should now look like an X.(2,3)

Now fold the top forward and crease along the dotted line in the center that you see in picture (4). This is to help the paper push in to the next shape. Do this by taking your two fingers and pushing inwards. (5) Now press and crease flat. (6)

Continue by turning the whole thing over. and take the corner of each flap to the top of the apex or top of the pyramid shape. (7) Now fold each side edge to the center and crease. (8)

We are almost there! I want you to imagine you have an oblong with a triangle joined to it because you are going to fold 1/3 of that oblong. Can you see in the picture how the tip of the triangle is not on the edge? (9) Crease it when you have positioned it correctly.

Now turn the whole thing over and fold your paper like an accordion. (10) See the drawing in the circle. There should be 5 fold lines.

Some Finishing Touches

Our origami frog can do with some feet and to make them turn the corners of the triangle flaps to the inside and crease. (11)

If you have a hole punch, make 2 circles and draw a parallel line through them. You can use a green, black or red pen. Or why not use some tiny googly eyes if you have them.

Now stretch the frog a little, pull his legs out slightly, bend a little arch lengthwise along his back, and your done!

Ready to race your origami frog? Just press down on the back with your finger and let it slip off. The frog will jump forward.


If you did enjoy this activity then perhaps you will like some more paper crafts to do.


This origami frog has KKC modifications. We have given his eyes, feet and an arched back.

Jamesina Goulbourne Gem: Author