Sand Art But Not The Beach Type

Who doesn`t like building sandcastles? We all love it, but what about sand art? When you see how those artists on the beach sculpture mermaids and Neptune, the Greek mythological king of the sea out of damp sand in just a few hours, don`t you admire their talent? Kooooool! But how can we enjoy seaside art at home?

Make a Sand Painting

Well, we have to start somewhere. Hopefully you will get better at it from practice as the crew quickly found out. But look at them now! They are pleased as punch with the results. Certified experts!

Was it easy? Well, mmmm...yes and no! There was a lot of bewilderment at the start about what they were supposed to do, so supervision was needed with this sand painting session.

Iain was hard at it, concentrating on getting those sticky backed paper pieces to come off. But first we put some paper down. That was supposed to catch the sand to make as little mess as possible and to save the excess sand to use again.

Did it work? It could have been worse, but still the colors got mixed up and it was all over the place somehow, so that was a no no.

Dior, our part-time, girl crew member, seemed to know what she was about to do. Well girls are usually brainier than boys!

Black sand was for the outlines but it kinda got on everything else, well black finger prints did anyway, and some sticky bits ended up not so sticky and had to have a blob of glue added.

Although there was more sand than on the beach, the enthusiasm was still high! With a bit of encouragement James was doing well. He just loves dinosaurs! Orange ones at that.

It did get a bit tricky to sprinkle the sand. It seemed to pour out too quickly into one spot so you had to shake the picture to get it to spread out. We should have had one of those sand shakers for the job. Next time!

Ok! The pictures are starting to look kool. But what do we do now? Frame them! Yeah, the frame is on the copy picture. You peel some more paper off your picture border to reveal a sticky frame, take the frame off the model picture and then stick it in place to complete your sand art.

Iain had a different kit which had luminous sand but no frame, so we improvised by making our own, and taped it on to the back to finish his sand painting.

Well done crew! I think the next sand art project we work on as a picture will be a large collage using neutral colored sand.

So what do you think? Is sand painting something you would like to do as a beach craft? Visit this page soon for some more sand art projects but in the mean time, here are more crafts with a beach theme.

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Jamesina Goulbourne Gem: Author